My favorite Lavender combo of 2016! (so far)

Taking the lid of this amazing girl, the Leopard Lavender Albino Blackhead! I’ve been dreaming of this exact combo for 3 years, imagining how it would look… Seeing it for the first time is why I love working with cutting edge Ball Python combos!

The Leopard Lavender Blackhead has the perfect combination of white and orange and should color up with lavender extra well because of the dark pigments found in the Leopard and Blackhead genes.

Here’s the clutch that produced this amazing animal: 2016 Clutch #32


Check her out on video here:

One thought on “My favorite Lavender combo of 2016! (so far)

  1. Love the color balance on this thing. I do have a question about the morph, I get the leopard part, and the lavender of course, but where does the black head come in? I’ve seen people posting other morphs like black pastel lavenders… just a bit confused when it comes to these ‘black’ morphs with albino visuals.

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