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Here is where you can tell me what you want to read about here on my Blog. Just add your idea to the comment section below. 

Ultimately I will only blog about a subject that interests me or where I feel that I have something to contribute. It may take me quite a while to get a topic… so be patient!

11 thoughts on “Request a Blog Topic

  1. Hi Justin,

    I am really enjoying your youtube video’s and journal blogs.

    I would love to see a series of short journal blogs that highlight the specific characteristics of various Ball Python morphs.

    I see these as possibly the start of a quick reference guide for some of the newer kids (48 y/o in my case) on the block.

    Being somewhat selfish, I’d love to see the initial ones be Mojave, Mystic, Fire, Lesser, Enchi and Pastel.

    Keep up the good work and the awesome and refreshing media.

    Best Regards

  2. Hi,
    Justin I love the blog and youtube Chanel. A two part subject i would like you to tackle if you think its interesting enough is what it takes to move from the hobbits breeder to making breeding your main (full-time) focus, a basic run down of cost of such a move, dealing with the gov, taxes/permits, TIME, hiding cost other wouldn’t think of but will ad up.

    The second part would be a followup to your shipping video, kinda. I would love someone with the experience you have talk a little about international shipping,both the packaging aspect and requirements to ship to other countries both directly to customers and via partners/importers.

    You cold probably make both of these into separate series as they could contain a ton of info

    Thanks brother
    Lee W.

  3. Hey justin, big fan of your youtube and blog, but have an interesting topic that i’d love you to cover, regarding the misconception of sperm plugs in royal pythons.

    Far too often i see supposed big breeders advertising their royals as ‘proven male producing sperm plugs’ when we know that the garter snake is infact the only snake to produce sperm plugs. I think ity could be an interesting topic to cover in greater detail on one of your blog posts.

    Many thanks, and keep up the good work!


  4. Hey, Was curious. I’ve seen you talk about desert hatch-lings, was hoping you could share some wisdom regarding infertility in desert females.

    Thanks, Aaron.

  5. Hi, love the blog and YouTube channel. I would like to see a post on SpiderXSpider and
    Spider comboXSpider combo breeding and the implications of such.

  6. Hey Justin, here’s a topic to write about.
    Is the blade gene linked to clown? maybe you could wright an article about it like you did for leopard and piebald… Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Justin, I’d like to hear your opinions on ball python hybrids within the market as many breeders who have larger collection maybe be giving lot of their females a year or more off until the market stabilizes and so those females could potentially be used to pursue hybrid projects. With many hybrid breedings being infertile, a medium to large breeder who might have 80 ball python females, decides he’s going to only produce 40 clutches and so decides to use the other 40 females to make hybrids with angolan pythons, blood pythons, carpet pythons, burmese pythons, retics or whatever, and out of those 40 pairings maybe 4 or 5 will produce viable (but small) clutches. this self limiting form of production could keep the prices for these animals high, especially when morphs and thrown into the mix and could be a way for ball python breeders to differentiate themselves. Do you have any opinions on the subject?

  8. Hello Justin,

    A while back I saw one of your videos about laws that were passed banning some beloved snakes.

    With the presidential elections around corner, I have had plenty of moments of reflection about how laws and politics can affect us on a personal level. As a Ball Python nurturer, I would like to see a topic on legislations and those in congress who are ‘for or against” the right to own Ball Pythons and other reptiles.

  9. Would love to see facts, misconceptions, pros vs cons, the whys and why not, if there’s any evidence if it’s beneficial, detrimental to behavior, psychology, well-being, if it’s classed as stimulus for a CB snake regarding live feeding vs prekilled

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