The Hottest New Trio of Clowns from JKR!

I promised major fireworks from the Clown project this season, and the animals are delivering!

The Coral Glow / Banana Clown has become a Clown staple, and the Coral Glow Leopard Clown combos take it to another level! The lean lines of orange and purple from these are the stuff dreams are made of. They absolutely took my breath away as they hatched.

Introducing hottest new trio of Clown combos from J. Kobylka Reptiles:

The “Gotham” aka: Coral Glow Leopard Clown – name credit Dave @ Bloodball Reptiles

The “Scarecrow” aka: Coral Glow Leopard Spotnose Clown name credit Luis @ Luis Alonzo Exotics

The Coral Glow Spotnose Clown



4 thoughts on “The Hottest New Trio of Clowns from JKR!

  1. That is truly the most beautiful snake of all time. I’m amazed at the pattern and color. Good job.

  2. Just another reason for us to hate you. You bring out jealousy which is one of the deadly sins I believe.

    Lovely stuff !!!

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