All about Jungle Womas – Spilling the details on this awesome morph.


Here’s what you need to know about Jungle Woma:

1154_f-JW_01They have a terrible name: The Jungle Woma is a stand-alone codom (incomplete dominate) mutation that is very unique and powerful.

Unfortunately because of their name, they are often confused with the  “Jungle” & “Woma” morphs in ball pythons, but there is no connection between them.





Desert Jungle Woma

They are massively underestimated: Most of the Ball Python world has not yet been introduced to this awesome mutation. It is a nice pattern reducer and color enhancer.

In the super form, the JW has a really unique pattern influence that is very surprising!





“Puzzleback” – Super Jungle Woma

The super form ROCKS: The Super Jungle Woma has a pattern that is an absolutely shocker.

Unfortunately, it has also been giving a very confusing name – the Puzzleback. This name confuses many with the recessive “Puzzle” gene. There is not connection between these morphs.



The best is still ahead: The JW is just starting to be mixed into the best codoms and recessives. Its best combos are still ahead!


The following galleries show what JKR has done with the gene in the years I’ve been working with this awesome morph!

Jungle Womas & Combos

Super Jungle Womas

Jungle Woma Clown combos