Introducing THE Suma Pied

Introducing! At long last… the SUMA PIED!

What a sweet moment to admit that my doubts were proven wrong!

As many of you know I had just about given up on the Suma Pied being anything like the animal I set out to make from scratch nearly 6 years ago.

My odds from Mahogany Pied x Mahogany Het should have been 1:8… but it took a whopping 54 eggs in 8 clutches to get it!

Of course it just couldn’t be anything other than a female. 🙂

Justin K


4 thoughts on “Introducing THE Suma Pied

  1. Congratulations Justin a long wait to make the Suma Pied , that old saying try try try again !!! And never give up ., still stands to day Great jod hope to see more of your work in the future!!! Absolutely Outstanding !!!!

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