You’ve Gotta Check Out Eden Bio-Creations!

1622488_338780486326899_7257537565102016715_o I’ve never officially endorsed a product, that’s not what this blog is about. But I’m making big exception to introduce you to an awesome company. Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.34.26 PMEden Bio-Creations is a conservation minded business that has created an amazing method of making real snake skin material and products out of snake shed. (No snakes are harmed!) Their process restores both the color and the pattern… its really a miracle to see the transformation! Here’s why this company is awesome:

  1. They make incredible products out of SNAKE SHED.
  2. No snakes are harmed or even inconvenienced.
  3. Their goal is to saves the lives of reptiles that are killed for their skins.
  4. They create a positive angle for captive conservation of our reptiles.
  5. Founded by great guys who love reptiles.

The fact is, the snake skin trade is both inhumane and unsustainable. Large pythons are being killed an alarming rate for the fashion industry. This technology comes at a perfect time to offer an amazing alternative as well as supporting captive keeping and breeding efforts! Some of you may remember I was involved with this technology through my product business, JKR Gear. Although I’m not part of Eden Bio-Creations, I’m very excited to see this company taking off and am thrilled to endorse them. I hope each of you will also support them by purchasing and by sharing the great work they are doing! Here’s a few things you can buy now. Their cell phone cases are awesome and its just the beginning of potential products. Check out the full store here! Also give them a Like on Facebook.

You can also contribute to the cause by donating sheds from your snakes! Click here for more info.