Mid Season Update – a mixed bag


Super Vanilla female

Well just put the ultrasound away after running through a couple hundred females. Now I can definitely say that this will be my first “off season”.

Quite a few females have just taken the year off, or absorbed their follicles after some early progression, like the stunning Super Vanilla female pictured. As of right now, I’m projecting about 85-90 clutches… (compared to the 140-150 I’ve had the last couple of years)

However… don’t count me out just yet! I’m expecting some serious quality this year. So stay tuned! You can follow the blow-by-blow right here on my incubator page.

On a side note… this is going to be the year of the Piebald here at JKR. Tons of pied sweet pied stuff is producing. So if you’re looking to add the very best of the best pied stuff, this is the season to twist my arm to let go of some crazy stuff!