Build your own incubator… JKR style!

This is the season where tons of first-timers breeders are gearing up to have their first Ball Python eggs laid! If you’re the handy type and up for a project, I highly recommend building your own!

There’s a lot of great guides online, but when I built my first incubator about 10 years ago… there was just this one: an oldy but a goody.

I’ve made quite a few incubators over the years including my big walk-in incubator. Recently I built this newest one. Functionally there’s no need for so many of the cool effects, but if you’re doing it, have fun with it!



One thought on “Build your own incubator… JKR style!

  1. Really cool video! I quite like the LED computer fans. I converted a two-door slider into an incubator in January. It’s not quite as feature-packed as yours (I am definitely envious about the GoPro you have on-hand), but it worked well and I had no issues. You can see a few photos of it here:

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